About Us

We know good food. When we were children, we remember coming home from school and opening the door to smell each of our favorite dishes calling us inside. The memory of our mother standing over the hot steam, stirring and tasting is as clear as yesterday, and so are the flavors made from love. Our mother never sacrificed quality ingredients. She fed us from her soul. Now that we have our own families, we want to carry this tradition for nutritious, natural food to the next generation.
Nabet, Arabic for sprouting of a plant, represents food in its original state. From the ancient soils of the Middle East and Mediterranean, we source the highest-quality, purest ingredients that pack the nutrients and flavors our ancestors enjoyed before the days of industrial farming and genetically modified food.
All of our products are in our own pantries at our homes in Ottawa, Canada. We don’t just test them, we eat them every day. We’ve visited our producers, examined their facilities and made sure we are supplying the best variety available. Hospitality is the backbone of our culture, and so is our mission to feed others.

Are you looking for Healthy Snacks, Organic Snacks, Organic Products and solutions for a healthier life in Ottawa, Canada? Welcome to Nabet. Nabet is your organic grocery store in Ottawa, Ontario. Online grocery made easy. Order high quality fresh foods, grocery and household items online for delivery to your door.